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Welcome to Air Inspect Australia

Air Inspect Australia is a proven partner to the civil and construction industries providing safe and efficient asset inspections with innovative data solutions. Our core focus is inspection, surveying and mapping, 3D modelling and thermal imaging of high value assets.

We utilise the latest technology and software to provide cost effective options ensuring quality, consistent and actionable results. From planning to implementation, our strategies are customised to meet your needs, guiding you through each step as we assess your requirements, develop an action plan and implement your solution.

Our team prides itself on providing high quality services matched with high levels of safety practices and standards. We service customers nationally throughout Australia in many different use cases.


Asset Inspection & Management

Safely inspect the exact condition of your physical assets by recreating digital twins and extend asset lifecycle.

Roof Inspection

Use aerial data acquisition tools to reduce and eliminate the need for in-person site-visits. Inspect safely from remote locations.

Rail Asset Management

Revolutionising the rail industry with improved inspection processes to increase safety at lower operational costs.

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Site Survey & Mapping

Collect and visualise highly accurate data in much less time than traditional base and rover surveying.

Aerial Photography

Data that is accurate, consistent and repeatable.

Aerial Video

Complete birds-eye view of the asset in high quality video.

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Construction Progress Build

Provide comparable data of your asset over time, collating, annotating and sharing data with various stakeholders.


Pro-active maintenance to reduce site visits, use up-to-date "as-built" site data to maximise connectivity and increase up-time.

Hazardous Material Management

Situational awareness and actionable intelligence on hazardous materials without compromising the safety of your team.

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