Blog Month: April 2019

Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

The use of drones

Commercial Drone Photography Brisbane All properties are different.  All clients are different.  Video is not only a dynamic and high-powered marketing tool, but drones have made it affordable and cost-effective. The cameras used for time-lapse videos documenting the progress of each project can provide both stakeholders and customers with videos showing real-time progress. Aerial photography was … Continue reading →

How drones really can make your workplace safer

The use of drones

Aerial Photography Brisbane While employers are seldom able to achieve zero risk, autonomous drones situated on-site which undertake dozens of missions each day can definitely reduce human exposure to hazardous materials, accidents and even death. At the same time, drone technology and advanced data analytics software platforms mean that many industries are now relying on … Continue reading →

How drones can be used in Aviation

The use of drones

Aircraft Inspections with Drones “Unmanned aerial vehicles were used during World War II as targets for fighters and antiaircraft guns, which had to have something to practice with. … The word “drone” was first used of an unmanned aerial vehicle in 1946, but advances in drone technology in the past few years have made the … Continue reading →