Aerial Asset Inspections

Air Inspect Australia have employed drones with great success to replace or reduce periodic manual intensive inspections. Drones are operated to inspect and provide the data necessary for utilities to effectively maintain infrastructure like solar and wind farms, multi-storey complexes, mobile towers, substations, tracks, bridges and even maritime beacons.
Asset Inspections refers to the condition of the physical state of an asset and the performance of the asset. This is generally measured in terms of reliability, availability, capacity and needs.

How is this done?

Aerial asset inspections capture data by photogrammetry an videography. We use up to date drones and cameras to ensure accurate and comprehensive data is captured and used to determine need and timing of proactive, preventative planning or remedial actions to maintain the desired level of service of the asset.
Asset management should have a consistent method in regular frequencies and data management.
Aerial asset inspections unlock the full potential of commercial asset monitoring, maintenance and performance. Enabling Air Inspect Australia to conduct drone operations helps expands inspection operations across longer distances, increase operational efficiency, and increases safety for workers and the public.

Digital Twin of Mobile Tower

With most infrastructure based organisations, typically the systems of record for on-site assets are not up to date. The bigger the organisation the more systems and the more disparate this becomes. This causes issues for maintenance, upgrades and simply knowing what’s correct at respective sites.

We capture on-site assets creating digital twins for industries such as telco and ensure the data is correctly aligned in systems of record.

Annotating your asset: The annotation shows the ID of each asset, in this case the antennas and combiners, but also can be the tower, radio units or mount group identifiers.

Digital Twin of Mobile Tower with Annotations

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Air Inspect Australia provides Aerial Asset Inspections across Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Sydney, Greater Sydney Region, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart