Aerial Drone Asset Inspections

Here at Air Inspect Australia, we understand that asset inspections are usually high-risk, expensive, man-hour intensive tasks. They can pose OH&S risks to your team members, and often result in extensive downtime for your business.

So, why not try our accurate, timely drone asset inspections as part of your asset lifecycle management program?

Our skilled drone pilots offer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspection services that capture high-resolution images from tricky access points. These high-definition images deliver you the in-depth data you need for decision-making and third-party auditing purposes. Plus, UAV industrial inspection is often extremely cost effective, eliminating the use of scaffolding, ladders and scissor lifts.

Our skilled drone pilots highlight points of interest such as vents, beams and skylights for reporting and assessment purposes.

Drone Inspection Service Applications

  • Building and Facility Roofs: These impossible-to-reach areas are challenging to document. However, proper inspection and documentation are essential when it comes to OH&S compliance, as well as ongoing facility maintenance. UAV inspections are the answer.
  • Towers and Lighting: Inspect your towers and lighting remotely with UAV technology, without the need to place workers at OH&S risk. Using a drone or UAV inspection company, you can identify potential issues early, and create a cost-effective maintenance approach.
  • Critical Infrastructure: We can stream live video of critical infrastructure, thereby providing your experts with the ability to inspect and ensure everything is working as it should.
  • Solar Farms: Carry out wide-scale inspections of solar farms from the comfort of your office. Store film, on file, for later comparison.
  • Roads and Bridges: Ensure the safety of the bridges and roads you maintain. UAV inspection is the most cost-effective way to manage these public assets.
  • Other Assets: There is a huge array of assets with which drone inspection services can assist, including: entire worksites, PPE and safety audits, cell towers, dam infrastructure, pipelines, and monuments.


Why Use Air Inspect Australia for Drone Asset Inspection?

  • Expert Pilots: Our drone pilots can obtain crisp imagery from almost any situation. No matter how tight or complicated the space, we’ll provide the feed you need to make crucial decisions on your asset.
  • Exceptional Service: As an asset manager, we understand the pressure you face, from OH&S compliance, through to budgetary constraints. We take this seriously. You’re more than just a client to us—you’re our partner. That’s why we deliver reliability, safety, quality, and exceptional customer service.
  • Superior Quality: From the we take-off, right through to delivery of your asset images, we are focused to delivering a superior quality service and finished product. That’s we invest in only the best pilots, and most cutting-edge equipment.
  • Outstanding Safety: We are CASA licensed and certified, follow strict safety protocols at all times and boast a zero-incident safety record. Plus, we hold all necessary insurances, for that extra peace of mind.

Custom Solutions

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Air Inspect Australia are able to design a custom drone solutions to suit your needs, including meeting any specific project requirements.

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Air Inspect Australia is serious about safety and compliance

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