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Aerial LiDAR

Air Inspect Australia has harnessed the capabilities of aerial LiDAR capture for various projects across different specifications. The advantages of LiDAR technology in capturing digital elevation and surface models are indisputable. When combined with photogrammetric techniques, it produces highly accurate colour point clouds and reality models, setting a new standard for data accuracy and detail.

Applications of Drone-Based LiDAR

Aerial LiDAR technology finds application wherever terrain assessment is crucial. Recent technological advancements have simplified the integration of sensors and visualisation software, making the process of capturing point clouds and models even more efficient. The advantages of aerial monitoring, including speed, efficiency, accuracy, and line of sight.
Air Inspect Australia’s utilisation of drones equipped with LiDAR sensors represents a significant leap forward in the world of aerial data capture. This innovative technology not only enhances accuracy and detail but also opens up new frontiers for data collection in areas previously deemed inaccessible. Whether in terrain mapping, agriculture, marine industries, utilities, or forestry, the applications of aerial LiDAR are boundless. As technology continues to evolve, the future holds even greater promise for this remarkable fusion of aerial prowess and data precision.

Aerial LiDAR Data Acquisition using Zenmuse L1 of Dense Area

The dense area is approximately 50 acres in area, captured using DJI M300 with Zenmuse L1. From this we are able to create a point cloud and in turn make available a tin file of the ground contours.


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