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Drone Hire Brisbane

Aerial Drone Photography Services in Brisbane QLD

First of all drones were toys. Then they were rather an annoyance. And now? Now drones have become absolutely essential.

Catherine Ball from World of Drones Education says “When I first started working with drones to monitor road conditions back in 2014 we were flying aircraft, which could fly about a thousand kilometres. The interesting thing here is the technology is ahead of the regulation; we have these drones capable of flying these distances, but would we have Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval to do so?”

The Brisbane Times has just announced that the Royal Flying Doctor Service is hoping to use long-range drones to deliver medication and lifesaving equipment to remote properties, as well as to do survey mapping for landing strips, and record video and audio for teams on the ground, all over the vast areas of outback Queensland within 12 months. The technology exists already, but the logistics need working out.

There is a ‘Can I fly there?’ drone safety app, reflecting the standard operating conditions for flying drones recreationally or commercially (under the excluded category of commercial operations), which is a valuable educational and situational awareness tool for drone flyers.

The World of Drones Congress 2019 will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 26 to 27 September 2019. Over 1200 delegates from across the Asia Pacific and beyond are expected to attend and the congress will feature a fascinating Expo with over 30 exhibitors from Australia, China and Japan.

Multiple industries now benefit from advances in Remotely Piloted Aircraft technology and can complete previously costly and timely tasks more efficiently.

The services of Air Inspect Australia, fully licensed drone specialists, are available for commercial, industrial, government and residential purposes. We ensure minimal business disruption by being faster and safer than traditional manned inspections. From asset inspections, where our skilled drone pilots are able to highlight points of interest such as vents, beams and skylights for reporting and assessment purposes, to high definition aerial imagery, Air Inspect Australia is the trusted choice for secure inspections in any aviation zone. Data is processed and provided directly and securely with no third party involvement.

Reduce the equipment requirements and risk factor while getting the job done in a far more effective and rapid way

In asset inspections, drones do a lot to reduce human risk on elevated work platforms as well as on scaffolding, scissor lifts and even ladders. Since drones are so much more cost-effective and practical, more frequent asset inspections can be carried out, especially when there have been serious storms and damage in the area. The instant, detailed, in-depth data provided allows for more productive and immediate decision-making, so that the traditional methods have become old-fashioned and obsolete. Accessing and sharing information and data is simplified, which allows better planning and improved prioritising —with an added bonus in productivity.

The integration of digital video, global positioning systems (GPS) and automated image processing improves the accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of data collection and presentation

Aerial photography is used in making maps — cartography — and measuring between points in mapping and surveying — photogrammetry. It is also increasingly used in land-use planning, mapping pipelines and environmental studies, archaeology and excavations, film-making and cinematography, the inspection of crops and agricultural land, and of power lines, transformers and towers, monitoring and surveillance, commercial advertising and publicity, property conveyancing, and projects for the arts.

Day-to-day usefulness of aerial photography and videos — make the best of the view

Aerial videos can never be dull because the drone has such a great flexibility of movement. Drones almost seem to be able to fly in several directions at once, giving an unprecedented visual overview. Circling the objective smoothly and slowly often adds great cinematic effect and can be visually inspiring. High altitude flying gives a wider view, whereas a low-flying drone can capture the required elements in greater detail. All flights should be pre-planned wherever possible, so as to use the drone’s battery to maximum efficiency. Remember too that the viewer should be able to concentrate on the video shots rather than any possible risk and peripheral dangers.

Use a drone to make sure that your work is carried out as safely and quickly as possible

Drone videos can be shot in HD and capture 4K resolution and higher. This means that real estate agencies are now regularly counting on aerial videos and photos taken by drones — and that means that a capable, experienced pilot working with a competent, imaginative camera operator are able to provide quite exceptional aerial intelligence and analysis.

In aerial photography the two main photo formats available in a universally agreed upon image format are JPG (or JPEG) and RAW

Do you know what RAW is in aerial photography, and why so many photographers recommend it? JPG is a compressed file format, which saves storage space but compromises on quality, whereas RAW saves on the memory card in an unedited and uncompressed format. However you do need sufficient time to edit the photos. Drones are now, understandably, the most popular flying objects used to take aerial shots — you no longer need to charter a helicopter or pay a ground crew.

Your drone partner for optimal solutions backed by extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge

Air Inspect Australia can design the custom drone solution to suit all your needs and specific projects.

Aerial Photography Services – Drone Hire Brisbane QLD

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