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Aerial Photography Ipswich

Drone Video Services in Ipswich QLD

There has been a remarkably canny, far-sighted drone program underway in Ipswich for a couple of years now. Various reports, including one in 2017 prepared for the Ipswich City Council, have identified operational areas where using drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles could be immediately productive and constructive:

• Asset management
• Disaster management
• Landfill and quarries
• Marketing and tourism
• Vegetation and pest management
• Operational savings and efficiencies
• Fighting crime
• The ability to train council staff in drone operations.

Selected Air Inspect Australia staff have been awarded clearances by The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). If this is a requirement of your job please contact us for further details.

Flying a drone does not just require a considerable range of skills, but also numerous safety and compliance measures. Air Inspect Australia has all the necessary licences and insurances to ensure that regulations are followed while flying only in legal and safe conditions. While Air Inspect Australia are a South-East Queensland based company, our services are available throughout the region
Qualifications and licenses include:

CASA Licensed + Certified
Security Vetted (AGSVA) + Security Protocols
White Card Accreditation
Senior First Aid
Fully Insured ($10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance)

Air Inspect Australia captures high quality imagery or videos of assets, including critical infrastructure and aviation, in restricted and limited areas

The Air Inspect Australia team consists of Ben Stokes and Ty Tamblyn. Ben holds various pilot licences and has worked in both private industry and military aviation for over 20 years. His background includes domestic and international military Air Lift, Fast Jet and UAV operations. Ty is a professional photographer with experience in UAV technology, so that the combination of Ty’s extensive photography skills and his commercial drone knowledge enables Air Inspect Australia to capture technically correct and very beautiful imagery and videos.

Pre and Post Flight Inspections — Paint Inspections —Damage Assessments

With its significant aviation and security background, Air Inspect Australia are the trusted choice for secure inspections in any aviation zone. Air Inspect Australia can efficiently access areas that previously required costly manual set-ups and special equipment. All data is processed and provided directly and securely with no third party involvement.

Air Inspect Australia are serious about safety and compliance — make Air Inspect Australia your drone partner for asset inspections and aerial imagery solutions.

Air Inspect Australia are able to design custom drone solutions to suit your needs, including meeting any specific project requirements.

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Aerial Photography Services – Drone Hire Ipswich QLD

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