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Aerial Photography Noosa

Aerial Drone Video Services in Noosa QLD

Drones are improving all the time — in fact, they are quickly becoming almost indispensible in many businesses. That is because they are faster and safer than humans at what they do. Drones can take high-resolution images and video, and have downlink capability. Drones can be programmed for particular routes, collision avoidance, distance fencing, and to keep a consistent height over irregular terrain.

Drones — or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — have increasingly sophisticated built in safety features

Since drones can safely operate at much lower altitudes and in far more confined spaces than aircraft, they are ideal for businesses in and around Noosa. That’s why drones are routinely used for aerial photography and videos all along the Sunshine Coast, and not just for the spectacular landscapes, wildlife and weddings, but for sporting events, urban planning and marketing real estate too.

Drones are already used in Queensland for highly advanced surveillance by law enforcement agencies

Security in Noosa has been improved by drones too. A drone can send live footage of a break in or a fire to a smartphone or to the police as it is actually happening, and a drone can be programmed to track a subject. Insurance companies now also use drones to assess damage claims.

Air Inspect Australia are fully licensed drone specialists with extensive aviation experience, expertise and skills

Drone technology has even changed the whole concept of building and asset inspections. The higher the building, the more dangerous, time-consuming and expensive inspecting roofs used to be. But now most surveyors use drones regularly for close-up surveys of buildings because they can deliver a high-resolution video of the roof, gutters and chimney, power lines or solar panels in just a few minutes. Remember, drones are:

• Convenient
• Safe
• Accurate
• Reliable
• Quick
• Cost efficient

Call Air Inspect Australia now — your ideal drone partner for asset inspections and aerial imagery solutions

Air Inspect Australia capture high quality imagery or video of your commercial, industrial, military, government, commercial or residential infrastructure for all reporting and marketing purposes. Fully licensed drone specialists, Air Inspect Australia have extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge.

Air Inspect Australia offer custom tailored solutions to all your specifications and requirements.

Aerial Photography Noosa QLD

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