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Drone Hire Tewantin

Aerial Drone Photography Services in Tewantin QLD

Small and friendly, situated on the Noosa River, in the 19th century there was forestry, fishing and gold in Tewantin, and it served as the river port for the Noosa area.

Drones are no longer the future — drones are the present

Now, as well as the Marina and the markets and Memorial Park, Tewantin is using drones to map seagrass. The Noosa Integrated Catchment Association, known as NICA, “has coordinated the Noosa River Seagrass Monitoring Project since 2005 when a report suggested that periodic mapping of seagrass was a suitable method to determine the health of Noosa River’s ecosystem.”

Seagrass Watch is an international scientific programme initiated in Australia in 1998, with its headquarters in Cairns.

NICA and the University of the Sunshine Coast, the USC, are being sponsored by the Norman Wettenhall Foundation because seagrass “helps improve river health by buffering river banks against erosion, improving water quality and providing habitats to estuarine fauna. Seagrass is a good indicator for assessing river health, as seagrass beds are sensitive to disturbance and degradation. In the Noosa River, there are two species of seagrass, Zostera capricorni and Halophila ovalis, the former being the dominant species.”

Travellers are the lifeblood of the tourism industry. Therefore your tourism marketing needs to be focused around their wants and needs

And did you know that Sunshine Coast Destination and Tourism Events Queensland are paying for drones to provide a bird’s eye view of the whole region — which they will display to attract visitors from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand? A similar concept provided great images of Manley Beach in Sydney, and the resulting video attracted about 2,000 hits a day.

“Our research told us that people weren’t aware of the scale of the natural icons and experiences that can be enjoyed on the Sunshine Coast,” said Sunshine Coast Destination chief executive officer Simon Ambrose. “We want this campaign to educate and inspire visitors to go beyond our superb beaches and explore the region’s incredibly diverse range of attractions.”

Air Inspect Australia are full licensed drone specialists, particularly in the field of aerial photography and videos — our drones can capture high quality imagery of commercial, industrial, government or residential infrastructure for all reporting and marketing purposes.

Whatever inspections you need in or around Tewantin — our drones can carry them out. Think of us as your drone partner for asset inspections and aerial imagery solutions

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