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Recognised specialists in quality aerial photography, Air Inspect Australia provide their clients with the original top-flight images that will allow them to make all their key business decisions with the minimum of delay.

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Outstanding photographic images in every category.

The potential uses of aerial photographs cover all sectors — from real estate to cartography, from law enforcement to surveying and from surveillance to construction inspection. You name it: a drone can reach anywhere and everywhere, take all the detailed high-quality photographs that you need and transmit them to you instantly.

Areas of growth and improving technology.

The reason why the use of drones in aerial photography has soared in recent years is because the drones are able to reach many places that are inaccessible or hazardous to a human photographer — and take photographs not just safely, but quickly too. Already used in a wide range of businesses, industries and professions to obtain and process information, drone technology is continuing to improve all the time, and along with up-to-date advances and refinements the multiple areas of growth are expanded.

As well as minimising dangers and health risks, today’s drones are proving to be very cost-effective.

The advantages of using drones in this way are simplicity, cost-effectiveness and efficiency: no more human crews to assemble — only an unmanned aerial vehicle and the latest camera equipment are necessary, together with a skilled operator on the ground.

It only takes minutes to launch a drone-based inspection, which means that drones are suitable in both regular and emergency situations.

In the skilful hands of the experts at Air Inspect Australia, UAVs can get close to almost any object that needs to be photographed — from oil rigs at sea to residential developments on land, and from huge agricultural areas to remote disaster sites for humanitarian assistance. Whatever your needs may be, Air Inspect Australia’s experts are here for you. Just brief us and we will capture and transmit all the images you need.

LIDAR technology can measure distance by illuminating an object with a laser and then calculating what is reflected back.

Drones are able to carry sensing equipment for geological surveying, agriculture and even archaeology. For example, they can measure the height of crops from overhead or count crops and their health, detect water in drought-affected areas, and gather geological information so as to identify and locate minerals and oil.

The many benefits of aerial photography:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles can fly anywhere at any time. When handled by expert professionals such as those at Air Inspect Australia, they produce the perfect shot no matter how difficult to access as a matter of course, and as a consequence drones are absolutely invaluable in the systematic assessment of a complex project, a building, or whatever it may be that you require.
  • Time is of the essence in the world of today, and your perfect photograph can be delivered straight to your computer with the minimum of delay.
  • Drones are able to shoot in full HD, and to provide amazing aerial footage, 4K resolution and higher, without sacrificing any quality.
  • Drones can be used in a multitude of industries, from film production to construction, from sports to farming. Detailed maps can even be generated in a series of photographs that can be run through software so that the user is able to measure distances without having to be physically on site.
  • Noise — or rather lack of noise — is a definite added advantage. Drones are able to approach animals and fly very close to sites without noise disturbance, so that photographs can be taken in close proximity to the subject without causing any alarm.

Drones provide flexibility, versatility and easily shareable data.

In short, aerial photography is likely to provide the answer to all your needs. And by placing your requirements in the hands of the talented specialists at Air Inspect Australia you are guaranteed a supremely technically and mechanically efficient service and the highest quality results on the market.

Call Air Inspect Australia today — we are here to help you. Time is money and a savings in one results in a saving in the other.

If photography is an ongoing battle to show the world in new, captivating, convincing ways from a different perspective, aerial photography by drone means you can create new improved outlooks on everyday settings.

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