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Drone Photography Augustine Heights

Drone Services, Aerial Filming & Photography in Augustine Heights, QLD

Greater Springfield, which is nicknamed Australia’s newest city, is Australia’s largest master-planned community, and Augustine Heights is a lovely suburb there. The future of South East Queensland looks increasingly promising, and Air Inspect Australia has every intention of being a responsible part of that future. As Greater Springfield becomes the hub of West Brisbane, investment is pouring in together with strong growth in employment. The population of the region will be younger and the whole area will boom.

“As a recognised nation building project we have one chance and a responsibility to get this right as an ongoing example for others to follow,” said Greater Springfield’s founder and city visionary, Maha Sinnathamby. “The focus on efficient and sustainable energy production, storage, and integration with the community has never been more important for Australia and for us”.

There are good healthcare and schools, positive economic growth and invaluable government investment in the local rail and transport services. And now the French multinational electric utility Engie has signed a 50-year strategic alliance with the Springfield City Group to make it a net-zero energy city. Engie’s first Better Cities TODAY project is part of their larger plan to transform cities, “making them more resilient, more sustainable, and better places to be.”

South East Queensland, West of Brisbane, is forecast to be the new investment property hotspot

Air Inspect Australia believes in enabling cities to be more energy efficient and more cost effective, as well as safer, greener and smarter too, in improving travel and transport options, and the all-round quality of life, thus increasing their powers of attraction, interest and connectivity. And Air Inspect Australia is in a position to contribute to all of that.

There are important business opportunities in the global drone economy — don’t miss the 2019 World of Drones Congress

All this expansion in infrastructure includes applying the use of drones to industrial, commercial, government, residential and marketing services, and Air Inspect Australia are fully licensed drone specialists with a particular focus on town planning, smart cities, training, agriculture, health and humanitarian needs, and new jobs for the future. Obviously Air Inspect Australia also have a strong interest in drone laws and regulation, and in the latest trends and applications of the technology.

Drones will undoubtedly be part of everyone’s future, just as they are already part of the present, from asset inspection to aerial photography.

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Aerial Video – Asset Inspections – Drone Photography Augustine Heights, QLD

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