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Aerial Drone Photography Coolum

Drone Asset Inspections & Aerial Photography in Coolum QLD

The media has reported that the Federal Government will spend almost $7 billion buying at least six Northrop Grumman Triton MQ-4C unmanned long-range surveillance drones for use in Defence operations with the United States in Asia. This will certainly strengthen Australia’s ability to develop advanced capability and conduct joint military operations, protect her borders and make the whole region more secure. As part of this investment, Australia will also enter into a $200 million cooperative programme with the United States Navy for the sustainment of the MQ-4C Triton.

There are hundreds of new drone uses — and there are about to be more

Although drones started as aerial systems for the military, they have progressed to being cost effective tools for everyday use. In a Sunshine Coast town like Coolum, drones are of course used not only for marketing, fire fighting, search and rescue and to take aerial photographs and videos, but the police and the developers, insurance companies, surf lifesavers, farmers and airlines are all using drones regularly now rather than manpower, helicopters or aeroplanes.

If you follow the drone industry, you will read about so many new drone operations every week

Drones are currently being successfully used for site surveying, sporting events, weather patterns, parcel deliveries and imaging structures as well as concerts and other leisure activities.

Flying a drone does not only require serious skill, but numerous safety and compliance measures too.

Selected Air Inspect Australia staff have been awarded clearances by The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA). If this is a requirement of your job, please contact us for further details.

Air Inspect Australia is, “Your drone partner for asset inspections and aerial imagery solutions.

Air Inspect Australia is backed by extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge.

Commercial Drone Photography – Aerial Video Services Coolum QLD

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