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Aerial Photography Gold Coast

Drone Services, Aerial Filming & Photography in Gold Coast, QLD

Are you interested in aerial photography? Our drones know all the best spots all along the Gold Coast — you don’t need to charter a helicopter any more. Just call Air Inspect Australia and tell us what you want us to do.

Once upon a time drones were toys, but although they are really fun to use they are not just playthings any more. They have advanced from hobbies and recreational use to getting work done faster and more efficiently with fewer risks and liabilities.

Until drones burst upon the scene, to take aerial photos or videos you needed a really tall ladder or a friend with a helicopter or plane to be able to capture footage.

In combination with sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles are a more practical and cost effective way to collect remote sensing data.

Aerial sensors in a drone can be used in many ways, from measuring the height of crops with a laser and counting each plant to detecting the presence and temperature of water or livestock, and from checking the air quality to surveying and mapping land.

The fundamental criteria for drone surveillance are image quality, a high-speed, secure telecom link, drone reliability and flexibility, and discretion.

Surveillance is not only for the police force — farmers are using drones to keep track of their livestock, and fire departments use them to observe wildfires.

Using specific electromagnetic sensors, drones now gather geological information to locate oil, minerals and natural gas.

Drones are used to inspect power lines and chimneys, roofs and towers, and they substantially reduce the cost of aerial photography. The film industry is using drones, and now drones are used to photograph sporting events too.

Drones can be used for search and rescue missions and they can pick up and deliver medical supplies to remote areas in a disaster zone.

Air Inspect Australia has all necessary licences and insurances from The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Contact us today.

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