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Aerial Photography Maroochydore

Drone Asset Inspections & Aerial Photography in Maroochydore QLD

“The power of photography from above via drones is a growing trend on the Sunshine Coast with people jumping at the chance to get that winning shot.”

But drones are not only about aerial photography and videos

For example, the Little Ripper drone can fly 800 metres offshore and help rescuers sight sharks and rip tides — it can even drop a small raft to struggling swimmers at risk or outside the flags. One of the first lifesavers trained to pilot the Little Ripper, Trent Robinson, said it was all about increasing the surveillance capacity to spot people before they get into trouble in the water.

Monitoring surf zone bathymetry using coastal imaging systems

In 2016 Dr Javier Leon of the University of the Sunshine Coast led a project called ‘Monitoring surf zone bathymetry (underwater topography) using coastal imaging systems’ with members of the USC Council and Griffiths University, where he and honours student Ashley Rummell flew a small quad-copter drone over Mooloolaba and Maroochydore beaches. The drone took aerial photos of wave movements at 18-minute intervals along a kilometre of sand, from the shore out to a water depth of 13 metres, as part of a Collaborative Research Grants Scheme sponsored by the USC and the Sunshine Coast Council, which supports innovative projects shaping the region’s future. Images streamed from the drone hovering above the waves were analysed along with photographs taken from fixed surf cameras on beach towers and depth echo sounders from jet skis on the water. The point of the project was to find the best and most cost effective way to monitor issues such as sand bars and gutters, beach replenishment, dredging and erosion.

Flying a drone requires not only serious skill, but also numerous safety and compliance measures

Air Inspect Australia are a Queensland based RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) company with extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge, which means they are fully licensed drone specialists on the Sunshine Coast, who carry out everything from asset inspection to aerial photography. The technology and their skills allow them to provide imagery solutions for restricted and limited areas. Air Inspect Australia efficiently access places that previously required costly manual set-ups and equipment, and their closed processing systems ensure that all data is handled securely.

Air Inspect Australia has all necessary licences and insurances to ensure regulations are followed while flying only in legal and safe conditions.