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Drone Photography Mooloolaba

Drone Services, Aerial Filming & Photography in Mooloolaba, QLD

Did you know that scientists from the University of the Sunshine Coast are watching migrating humpback whales off Mooloolaba with the help of drones? Dr Vikki Schaffer said “Drones offer an aerial view that is absolutely changing the game for whale research which, to date, has been challenged because of the logistics around getting close to whales. Drones permit us to measure the length of the whales and monitor the way they interact with each other and how they respond to others in the water. Until now whales could only be monitored from shore, or from boats hundreds of metres away, but the drones don’t seem to bother the whales”.

“These beaches share a common ecological danger of sand erosion. Due to waves, currents and man-made structures, such as storm drains, the natural process of sand replenishment is hindered.”

Because certain Sunshine Coast beaches are particularly vulnerable to chronic erosion, more USC researchers are working with the Sunshine Coast Council to collect data to test the use of drones for tackling the effects of erosion on Mooloolaba and Maroochydore Beaches. The waves and tides wear away the sand and sediments that form the beaches so that the Sunshine Coast Council has to add sand regularly. The USC researchers are calculating the best times and places to unload the sand so that it doesn’t just get washed away. Like their earlier project to monitor surf zone bathymetry using coastal imaging systems, this was to monitor and manage sand bars and gutters, beach replenishment, dredging and erosion, and again drones, fixed surf cameras on beach towers and depth echo sounders from jet skis were used.

The drone industry is growing fast on the Sunshine Coast and throughout the world, and drones are being used to do more all the time

And now Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is trying out drone technology, provided by Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver, to monitor and log crocodiles, hoping to save lives and reduce attacks.

Mooloolaba is a fabulous place to visit or to live: whether you are young or old, it’s an amazing place with lots to do.

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