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The professional cinematographic industry was, unsurprisingly, one of the very first to see the huge potential in drones and start to use them. Suddenly producers were able to capture breath taking aerial panoramas without the considerable expense of helicopters. In recent years drones have been used to make films from Skyfall and Jurassic World to La La Land and Game of Thrones.

While drones are unmanned, they are not unpiloted. Trained teams guide the machine and analyse the images captured and sent back by the state-of-the-art cameras.

A drone, RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial System) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a pilotless aircraft that operates using several technologies, including computer vision, artificial intelligence and object avoidance, although drones can also be autonomous ground or sea vehicles. Drones are used when manned flight is considered too dangerous or complicated or arduous, and they can carry sensors, colour and black-and-white cameras, image intensifiers, radar, infrared imaging and lasers. 3D space and photograph meshing have become commonplace.

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They say that if you want to promote a brand in this day and age, the best way to do it is through drone advertising.

Drones have been very successfully used for advertisements too: Pepsi Cola used drones to create an interactive football field in the middle of Barcelona with special effects for goals. The dashing BMW 6 series used drones to show the car going down a straight road through a rocky desert.

Lakemaid showed drones delivering fish-themed beer to thirsty fishermen. The drone advertising of Burning Man has had over 100,000 views on YouTube. Drones have even filmed content for Apple Music.

CNN’s Senior Director of National News Technology, Greg Agvent, who runs the CNN Aerial & Reporting unit, explains that drones allow their teams to “capture things that you simply cannot capture from a helicopter, which would create that much more noise and cost you that much more money.”

The news industry and mass media are using drones to add context, and to improve productions and storytelling techniques. CNN is the leader in the development of technology for research, and CNN Air has a designated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) unit and full-time UAS operators who integrate aerial imagery in more than 20 countries for their reports, micro documentaries and short films. CNN is the most widely distributed news channel of all, and it reaches over 320 million households outside the United States.

The requirements of sports fans are pushing the limits in cinematography.

Unmanned flying vehicles or UAVs with robotic cameras have also changed the way sport is watched. When SenseFly used drones in Switzerland to create a 3D image of the Matterhorn for skiers and mountain climbers, the whole mountain was mapped in under seven hours. Skycam is a robotic camera, which hangs from a cable-driven, computerised transport system that provides distinctive close-ups and individual frames of reference impossible for classic cameras, which do not move, and that means that Skycam is used in every professional arena sports broadcast. The improvements in how cameras are flown changes televised sport completely, and of course drones are also used to film professional sports outside the stadium.

Personal safety, high costs, noise, environment and distance can all be resolved.

There are new sports and games of the future too: notably an international drone-racing series, which uses cutting-edge technologies. So between the latest technology, aerial photography and extreme sports videos, UAVs have completely transformed the viewers’ experience. Drones can now follow coaching and exercising as well, capturing video data of workouts.

In future, drone based analytics, accessible visualisation and spatial analysis combined with cost effective, accurate data will be the benchmark of surveying, planning and construction.

Drones can help landscape architects and urban planners to decide where green space would enhance and benefit a town or suburb, without playing havoc with traffic flow and causing congestion. Dynamic, interactive maps can be created.

Disputes between stakeholders can be resolved. There are even drones that can be programmed to follow their owners, and other drones that have body heat-detecting cameras to locate people using thermal imaging. It is no longer unusual for individual drones to carry high precision instruments, and 3D cameras fitted to drones can generate high resolution, realistic visualisations of potential developments.

There are plans for virtual reality cameras and live graphics in conjunction with drones. Soon NASA will be using drones in space, to find out whether there is life on Mars and gather data about the terrain.

Security companies are using drones increasingly for extensive risk-free surveillance systems for industrial, commercial and residential properties as well as traffic, flooding, searches, large events and demonstrations. Routes can be programmed for drones to follow in order to monitor security. Certain drones have live streaming capabilities after an alarm goes off, so that they can capture immediate footage of any breach. Others work with sensors that recognise suspicious occurrences and then direct the drone to that location.

If you are interested in drones and what they can achieve in a safe, efficient, effective and speedy manner, then contact Air Inspect Australia. We are experienced professionals, prepared to go that extra mile for you. And drones are our passion. We believe that drones should be part of your toolkit. They are certainly the safest and most efficient way to take aerial imagery.

Air Inspect Australia are fully licensed drone specialists, backed by extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge. Our services are available for commercial, industrial, government and residential purposes and our qualifications and licences include:

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Air Inspect Australia provides detailed aerial videos and photography, asset inspections, drone photography and real estate photography throughout Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Air Inspect Australia is the trusted choice for secure inspections in any aviation zone. Data is processed immediately and provided directly, discreetly and securely.

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