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Twenty-first century drones are no longer science fiction! Nowadays drones are inspiring far-sighted, forward-looking tools used in conventional industries all over the world – their potential is exciting and limitless.

The tremendous benefits of the latest drone technology improve safety by reducing the human factor and workload

Asset inspections are a mandatory part of compliance. Drones have revolutionised the asset inspection industry worldwide, as well as the aerial video and photography professions by providing crucial, analytical, methodical information and data, which can then be customised and streamlined for many different businesses more rapidly, methodically and efficiently than ever before.

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Working at height is the primary cause of death and injury in the workplace worldwide.

Drones, which are also called UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are able to sharply reduce almost all aspects of human risk, and useful aerial data can be assembled from previously logistically inaccessible places.

Specialised applications now provide cogent data, smooth videos and sharp photographs far more quickly and effectively than conventional methods — and due to the flexibility and ease of customising UAVs, they can now be equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance capabilities.

Looking after and administering the integrity of their assets is a key concern for all refineries, chemical plants and power plants. Drones have unprecedented access for monitoring purposes, and data can be viewed in real time by your own inspectors.

Instant detailed inspection reports for insurance and legal purposes, maintenance and inspection schedules are now possible.

Insurance premiums for drones are not only low, but they are based on each individual assignment. Drone insurance is considered to be a derivative of aviation insurance.

Is drone insurance really necessary?

The three principal risks covered by drone liability insurance are:

  • Property damage: For example, a drone hitting a power line so that a building catches fire, or a drone losing power and falling on to a car.
  • Bodily injury: For example, a drone falling into a crowd and injuring people.
  • Invasion of Privacy: If someone claims that a drone is spying on them or has captured intimate, personal images of them in their own home.

Drone technology is constantly evolving as new more advanced drones are manufactured.

Drones are able to provide high and low altitude image inspections since they can fly above, below, alongside and often even inside structures, or at any rate very close to them, and they exhaustively and meticulously capture every microscopic detail. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are easily adjusted and drones are extremely cost-effective.

Conventional processes entail human teams, expensive equipment and protective outfits in “hostile environments” — and therefore insurance costs are high.

Expensive equipment and systems no longer need to be shut down for manual inspections of infrastructure such as wind turbines, radars and communication towers. Therefore all services and production can carry on undisturbed, and inspecting live radio and electromagnetic equipment, high-voltage lines and monitoring radiation are no longer an ongoing serious danger that has to be taken into account.

Modern technology is the name of the game nowadays, so that efficiency and data acquisition are improved and safety and speed increased. Traditional asset inspections have always been risky, costly, inaccurate and time-consuming, but this has changed with the latest features and functionality.

Now with drones, even when experienced professionals are using standard software and analytical tools, complicated audits and inventories can be performed, and power lines and tall and complex structures such as communication towers, oil and gas refineries, flare stacks, pipelines and rooftops can be inspected.

Drones actually allow easier, safer inspections for maintenance, and most accidents due to height, wind, waves, weather and even radiation can be almost eliminated.

Crews can be smaller and no longer have to physically visit hostile environments. Even something as complex as meticulously inspecting a relatively inaccessible loading jetty, in the past a hazardous, lengthy and labour-intensive job, can be done in detail and at record speed and minimum expense.

Inspection times, teams and costs are greatly reduced with the latest, most avant-garde remote access techniques.

While the size of inspection teams can be scaled down, and the crews not exposed to risk, more comprehensive, accurate technical data can be collected by state of the art, top quality cameras. This means that pre-planned, structured, well visualised aerial videos and photographs can be taken, so the images are captured in a fraction of the time that conventional methods would require. These cameras can take high-resolution images and 4K video that clearly show defects such as wear and tear, fractures, cracks and breaks, damage, wiring problems, etc., from every angle. The images are then collated and entered into a dedicated database so that inspection teams can target all the areas that need to be kept under observation.

Asset inspections by drone extend to marketing and advertising. Of course outstanding aerial photography and videos showing real estate appeal to potential buyers and renters alike.

A request from an insurance, engineering or construction company, or even a real estate company or prospective home buyer, can be actioned and the relevant data delivered in less than an hour. These can then be used to generate reliable, authoritative reports to be distributed where appropriate.

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Air Inspect Australia uses only the very best and latest UAV equipment for comprehensive imagery, and our pilots and cameramen are highly skilled and experienced. A regular or emergency drone or UAV-based inspection can be launched in minutes and, depending on its complexity, completed in less than half an hour.

Responsive, powerful, compact performance and portability — multi-directional obstacle avoidance and automated flight modes.

Quite apart from being able to inspect more assets in a day, use of autonomous drones gives you control over exposure and depth of field, and means that you do not need ladders, access towers, swing stages, aerial lifts, large pickup trucks or heavy equipment.

For safer, more effective, industrial aerial and video photography and asset inspection solutions – save time and money — call Air Inspect Australia.

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