Commercial Drone Photography Brisbane

All properties are different.  All clients are different.  Video is not only a dynamic and high-powered marketing tool, but drones have made it affordable and cost-effective. The cameras used for time-lapse videos documenting the progress of each project can provide both stakeholders and customers with videos showing real-time progress. Aerial photography was once extremely expensive and had to be done by helicopter. Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are a cheaper, but equally effective, alternative.

Attractive photos that also provide solid context of the surroundings

Obviously the drone operator’s goal is to please the client, and the only thing that matters is what matters to the client. Commercial real estate photography is different to residential in that commercial stresses a busy location, whereas residential stresses a quiet one.  Location is the critical factor in value and marketability, and Air Inspect Australia knows how to show the property looking at its best. We are aerial photography and video specialists.

Air Inspect Australia take shots from every height, angle, distance and direction

Apart from anything else, Air Inspect Australia know that our job is to introduce prospective buyers to their potential new neighbours, and to provide a quantity and variety of shots, to give the broker more options to tempt prospective clients and help them to visualize their business in the potential location. We know that clients are interested in how visible the location is from the road, the parking situation, where there is a traffic light near by, how the traffic flow is. For very large properties like shopping malls or apartment communities, we stitch overlapping images into an orthomosaic or panorama.

The difference between drone and aerial photography

Drones can fly up to 400 feet and and higher with relevant approvals, which provides ample opportunity to shoot property from attractive angles. Additionally, drones can take close-ups which were previously impossible from helicopters. For a commercial property you want photographs and videos when the car park is full and the area is at its busiest. Air Inspect Australia always captures the entrance signs you see when entering the property, which displays an up-to-date list of the property’s current occupants.

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