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Air Inspect Australia Demo Assets

The following assets have been captured by the Air Inspect Team using photogrammetry techniques or LiDAR depending on the project requirements.

We also create immersive experiences from data acquired from drones or other digital sources.

For best quality follow the instructions as depicted on the right hand side.

3D-Model of Warehouse, approx. 30k square metres

3D-Model of Wharf

3D-Model of Building, approx. 102 metres in height

3D-Model of Mobile Tower

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Colourised Point-Cloud of Dense Area using LiDAR

3D-Model of Rail Crossing

3D-Model of Ballarat Cemetery, approx. 200 acres

3D-Model of Head Stones

3D-Model of Brickstack with crack detection using AI

Point-Cloud of Rail Crossing using LiDAR