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While employers are seldom able to achieve zero risk, autonomous drones situated on-site which undertake dozens of missions each day can definitely reduce human exposure to hazardous materials, accidents and even death. At the same time, drone technology and advanced data analytics software platforms mean that many industries are now relying on aerial insights to reduce illnesses and injuries.

Drone asset inspections

Drones can eliminate most of the risks involved when human beings work with high voltage power lines. No more patrolling hundreds of kilometers of power lines on foot, even though cables transmitting electricity to homes and businesses need regular maintenance. Drones can do that in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Industrial aerial photography

Falls are an unfortunately common cause of workplace injury and death. Using drones, inspectors can remain on the ground at construction sites, bridges, mobile phone towers, skyscrapers, etc., instead of having to inspect equipment at a height.

A drone partner to save lives

In trying to save lives after a disaster, the human professionals who respond are put at risk when they have to deploy quickly, often operating in dangerous and unfamiliar conditions. Drones can reduce this risk, surveying the damage and immediately creating maps for the rescue team as well as identifying survivors and delivering medical supplies and food.

Observe through aerial video services

Where workers would be exposed to harmful toxins or radiation, for example after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, drones can collect crucial information. High radiation levels made this too dangerous for humans, but the drones allowed experts to observe from a safe distance.


In Singapore drones are being tested as robotic security guards. Simulators at the command centre are able to show a security breach in a fence. A drone then both pursues the intruders and sends live images directing security officers towards them so that an immediate arrest can be made.

Workplace safety can have an impact on job satisfaction

Air Inspect Australia understands that organizations must reduce the risk of death and injury, as well as expensive workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits. By doing what you can to provide safe working conditions, you can maintain a company culture that is more positive and more productive. Air Inspect Australia are fully licensed drone specialists. What can we do to help you?

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