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Aerial Photography Kawana

Drone Photography & Aerial Video Services in Kawana QLD

Many exciting things are happening in Kawana and the neighbouring suburbs. Air Inspect Australia is expanding, and so are many other businesses, including The Jetty Specialist, which has opened a $13 million factory and created 60 new jobs.

Did you know that Sunshine Coast Council is considering a nomination for the region to receive UNESCO recognition as an international site of excellence, known as a biosphere?

“Biospheres are areas where active conservation sits alongside responsible development and people living sustainably – just like our region,” Mayor Mark Jamieson said. “Being recognised as a biosphere will reinforce our healthy, smart, creative objectives for the region, provide it with a particular value proposition and help preserve our outstanding natural assets for current and future generations.”

The Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 means more jobs for Sunshine Coast residents

Air Inspect Australia is fully aware that biospheres create niche markets for products, services, facilities and practices – and that those include the services which their drones can offer. It also means a useful advantage in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism, which are all fields where unmanned aerial vehicles now play an increasingly important role. Air Inspect Australia are there to help local businesses grow and reach out to new export markets.

Around 4 per cent of the homes on the Sunshine Coast have solar power, compared to an Australian average of about 21 per cent — “Residents can choose – and are choosing – to make even more sustainable choices.”

The Sunshine Coast Council has engaged an independent renewable energy guru, Trevor Berrill, award winning, private consultant in sustainable energy, system design, education, training, and policy, who says that installing solar panels is just the first step to saving on your energy bill.

“A common reason people don’t get the dollar return they should is they install panels then forget about them. To get the very best return on your investment and maybe even a credit rather than a bill, you need to understand your tariff and then use your energy accordingly.”

And that’s where Air Inspect Australia’s drone asset inspection and aerial photography really help you to get the very best return on your investment. Air Inspect Australia are drone specialists, and asset inspections and aerial imagery solutions are what they do best. They are professional, experienced, fully licensed, certified, accredited and insured. Contact them today.

Drone Asset Inspections for Real Estate – Aerial Photography Kawana QLD

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