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Aerial Photography North Lakes

Drone Photography & Aerial Video Services in North Lakes QLD

As in so many other things, Australia is spearheading the development of drones. Technology has arrived, and with it have come regular sightings of the UFO-looking devices! And from North Lakes you can watch it all happen: Brisbane — and Queensland and Air Inspect Australia — are making the very most of the uses and advantages that drones have to offer. More is understood all the time about what drones can achieve, so that allows Air Inspect Australia to propose new drone services to customers.

North Lakes Golf Course

Drones really can help to market and maintain a golf course. Professional golf course drone videos — especially aerial pathway videos and 3D interactive maps — are a very attractive and successful way to increase club membership. Instead of a bird’s eye view of the whole course, now players can look at an overview of each hole. And a beautiful 3D model and interactive map of each hole certainly help golfers to understand what lies behind course design. Even the golf carts now have screens connected to the internet that allow them to pull up a model and a full description of each hole.

Bird’s eye view or enhanced property analysis?

Drones with infrared sensors are programmed to identify areas affected with fungal growth before they are visible, and to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy turf. Some other advantages of drone aerial inspection videos are:

• Problem shooting
• Surveys for damaged trees, fencing and buildings after high winds
• Checking fairways and greens after heavy rain
• Reducing the use of pesticides
• To pinpoint problem areas to maintenance personnel
• To monitor the whole golf course generally.

Survey specific drones deliver higher map resolution in greater detail.

Drones are changing the surveying industry — they measure in centimetres instead of metres! Unmanned aerial vehicles create aerial maps and 360° virtual tours. They are accurate and cost effective. Drones reduce the time spent on projects as well as eliminating the need for humans to take risks. Imagine being able to review a property from an enhanced visual perspective before actually visiting the site.

“Golf course owners are working smarter to manage resources like water and labor more efficiently,” said CEO Mike Davis of the US Golf Association, in an interview with Forbes. “We are innovating at a rapid pace, and using technology and data as never before to make smart decisions.”

Drone Asset Inspections for Real Estate – Aerial Photography North Lakes QLD

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