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Aerial Photography Sunshine Coast

Drone Photography – Aerial Video Services in Sunshine Coast QLD

Cutting-edge drones are in the news all over the world today, whether they are delivering life-saving medical supplies, being used for asset inspections, taking stunning aerial videos and high quality photographs or being flown for photogrammetry, mapping and surveying or even casual recreation purposes. According to National Geographic, the United States Federal Aviation Administration predicts that by 2020 there will be close to seven million drones operating in the USA alone.

Zipline aims to provide a much higher level of access to necessary treatments wherever people live.

Zipline, which opened in Rwanda three years ago and is now working in Ghana too, is the biggest independent medical drone delivery service in the world, serving over 2O million people. It delivers blood, rabies and antivenin vaccines and other medical supplies to thousands of remote health clinics, and is now valued at US$1.2 billion. In 2019 it will be setting up shop in the United States, starting in North Carolina. CEO and co-founder of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo says: “Critical-access hospitals are closing at an alarming rate in the U.S., too, especially if you live in the rural U.S. Life expectancy there has declined over the past several years.” Their drones carry up to about 1.75 kg of cargo, fly at up to 110 kph in all weather and have a round-trip range of about 160 km. In Rwanda they have flown over a million kilometres and made more than13,000 deliveries.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA, has given Wing, a start-up owned by California multinational Alphabet, permission for public deliveries, although during trials in Canberra, residents complained about noise from the drones.

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has also given permission for delivieries, which will start in Virginia in June 2019. At the same time, Wing will start a trial delivery service from a supermarket and a restaurant in the Vuosaari district of Helsinki, Finland. Their drones carry up to about 1.5 kg and have a round-trip range of about 10 km or 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, in Miami police hired a private company to jam signals in order to prevent drones flying at the Ultra Festival.

Growth in the use of drones for asset inspection purposes is increasing dramatically as various progressive professions and services discover the benefits of all this new technology, as well as the many advantages of video and aerial photography. And as these and other industries begin to appreciate the potential of drones or UAVs, we at Air Inspect Australia are here to provide our expertise and experience, and to list some of the advantages of drones at the present time.

Let your teams of surveyors concentrate on profitable, complex tasks, which are not dangerous and reduce dependence on the human element

Essentially, drones can reach places that are often inaccessible or dangerous to humans, and this is especially valuable where asset inspections are concerned. No more worries about the risks of elevated work platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts or ladders. Your site can be visualised and characterised in advance, and quality images can be captured from all angles – above, beneath and beside – and then transmitted quickly to the client. Human participation is not required in these asset inspections, which reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace. This is all about aerial videos and aerial photography.

Rapid Provision of Information — use high-powered, cogent aerial data analytics to monitor and keep track of your construction project

Most asset inspections can be completed in less than 30 minutes, depending of course on the complexity of the assignment. This means that the client can be in possession of all the necessary information, including clear aerial videos and photos, within a very short time of placing the order. It all saves time, and time saves money.

Quality of photographic and video images captured by drones

Drones are able to approach their subject at very close proximity, and provide instant, extremely detailed images, both video and still. Such images are beyond the scope of a human operator and they provide the client with far more comprehensive data with which to work. Once again, this results in a refined, enhanced and more immediate decision-making process.

Drones are remarkably flexible and versatile

If you fly a drone RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) weighing under 2kg for commercial purposes, this is called the ‘excluded’ category, which means that you must notify the CASA before you fly and perform within the standard operating conditions.

The FAA forecasts that more than 300,000 new drone pilots will be required to meet demand for highly technical mapping and modelling applications.

Air Inspect Australia are fully licensed, security vetted, certified and insured drone specialists backed by extensive aviation experience.

Whether it is for a promotional video, asset inspection or aerial images, if you are on the Sunshine Coast contact Air Inspect Australia. Above all, drones reduce costs, provide information at a faster rate, and improve safety. Our drones, flown with flair, care and common sense, can perform miracles for you, capturing unique viewpoints of everyday subjects with finesse and proficiency.

Can one ask for more?

Drone Asset Inspections for Real Estate – Aerial Photography Sunshine Coast QLD

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