Drone Asset Inspection Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Until now remote assets such as oil rigs and antennae have been difficult, expensive, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous to survey, but drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — are changing all that. Now a drone with a camera can beam film to an experienced inspector — unless the drone itself carries advanced visual and data analytics capabilities that allow it to assess the asset’s status and maintenance needs. Drones can get to isolated places faster, cheaper and with less risk than manual inspections,

4D criteria for using drones: dull, dirty, distant, dangerous

Doesn’t that describe the energy and transportation asset inspection areas? The main oil companies such as Shell, BP and Total use unmanned aerial systems (UASs) to inspect their oil platforms, combining video and thermal imaging with advanced image recognition technology and automated data analysis. This has reduced inspection times from eight weeks to five days.


The cost of inspecting onshore wind turbines can be reduced by about 50 per cent per turbine. Rating cargo oil storage tanks can be done several days faster than manually, and chimney flue inspections can be carried out in a few hours without shutting down, which saves up to 90 per cent.

Risk to personnel minimized

In Singapore drones are being tested for building inspections. Currently “The process is extremely slow, expensive, tedious, prone to accidents, fatigue and human error,” said the chief technical officer of the firm behind the tests. “These inspections are usually carried out by South or Southeast Asian workers on platforms precariously suspended by ropes outside buildings. In the new system, high-resolution images taken by drones will be analyzed for defects, so that inspections will take only a few days rather than a few weeks.”

Using drones for asset inspection services throughout Australia and New Zealand has become safer and more efficient, giving insights into degradation of plant and equipment, maintenance and crop health

Forward-looking asset operators are setting up a small, dedicated project team and a network of drone experts who procure the necessary licences and any possible public grants, and collaborate with university researchers, start ups, and established hardware, software and drone-based service providers.

Reduce inspection time. Improve safety. Get better data.

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