Drone Construction Inspection Brisbane

In 2012, Javier Irizarry, Masoud Gheisari and Bruce N. Walker of the Georgia Institute of Technology wrote in the Journal of Information Technology in Construction that using a drone with an iPad would be as accurate as a safety manager with a plain view of the jobsite. They suggested that an ideal safety inspection drone should have autonomous navigation, vocal interaction, high-resolution cameras, and a collaborative user-interface environment so as to improve construction practices and facilitate jobsite safety inspections.

There will be uses for drones where human intervention will not be needed, except for using the data collected intelligently

The ability to monitor several jobsites is valuable for project managers, who often have to handle several extremely challenging jobs at once. With drones they can see at a glance what is happening at each job in real time rather than having to physically visit each project, which saves time and travel costs.

The larger the construction site the more helpful drones are in monitoring the project

Drones are fast. A traditional aerial survey of a 100-acre area by helicopter takes about 12 weeks, which includes a four-week booking leadtime, data gathering and data processing. A manned survey team takes about seven weeks, including four weeks data gathering. And a drone service can provide the whole service in about six hours!

Real-time information

In 2016 a team from the University of Illinois won the Turner Innovation Award with predictive visual data analytics tools to automate and streamline the practices for monitoring construction progress that they had developed.

Drone cameras can see more than just the visible surfaces

Drones can provide both infrared and 3D modelling detail, identify concrete delamination, and gather topographic mapping detail and map conditions, which significantly reduces the cost of structural inspection.

The price of drones has dropped, but you need software and professionals to operate them

“Precise data acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — can increase situational awareness, lower costs and improve the safety of staff involved,” according to PWC, “in maintenance or construction of complex utilities systems. It can also contribute to predictive maintenance by fueling highly advanced models with tangible information regarding the current technical condition of assets.”
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