Construction Drone Services Brisbane

It is safer and more effective to use drones than to put employees at risk. Drones can expedite and automate essential risky and time-consuming routine tasks such as surveying and mapping sites, scaffolding inspections, asset management and project management. Small, sophisticated drones will soon be as common onsite as trucks and excavators.

Most worker deaths in the construction industry are caused by falls, being struck by an object or caught in-between, and electrocution

A PWC report on drones states: “Drone technologies, as well as advanced image analytics, have great potential in the sector. Precise data acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles can increase situational awareness, lower costs and improve the safety of staff involved in maintenance or construction of complex utilities systems. It can also contribute to predictive maintenance by fuelling highly advanced models with tangible information regarding the current technical condition of assets.”

Traditional rope based inspection crews are practically a thing of the past

In the construction industry, drone inspections are usually about four times faster than the traditional methods of climbing and inspection, and of course there are fewer accidents when climbing inspection crews can remain on the ground and avoid dangerous heights. Real time identification of potential problems by high definition images and videos provide an archive of valuable data.

Drone technology has taken off — literally

For example, sophisticated drone technology means that wind turbines can be inspected regularly, which reduces blade failures, avoids downtime and cuts costs.

Drones on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Air Inspect Australia use drones to capture aerial photos and video, and that improves safety and logistics for both vehicles and pedestrians. On site it also minimizes disruption. Drones provide real-time information for tracking, monitoring, coordinating and evaluation, as well as model and image analysis. This top quality data allows clients to manage resources better and keep projects on schedule.

Drones are no longer just high tech toys!

Our drones create 360-degree photos and video, point clouds and 3D models, so that team members and stakeholders can view an immersive display in virtual reality, reducing the amount of time taken to design, analyze and maintain a structure or implement changes. Inspections and reviews can take place on the ground, without lifts and ladders. Even leak inspections on facades no longer need scissor lifts or scaffolding.

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