Drone Construction Surveying

Construction projects seem to take forever, especially when they are noisy and dirty, and cause traffic delays and detours. Construction managers using aerial drone photos and orthomosaic maps are more likely to anticipate and take into account project issues, especially when topography changes that may not be clear in a standard map or plot record are brought into focus in aerial footage. Drones with mounted cameras can provide videos that assist in communications and surveillance.

Streamline processes so that they become more efficient and profitable

Aerial construction progress photography in real time tends to placate shareholders and the public, keeps the crew on target and reports on progress to stakeholders. Drones — Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) — are becoming indispensable for everything from planning projects to reporting progress. A detailed flight path can be programmed and repeated on a daily basis. The data is translated into a 3D image, showing even the smallest errors. There is a marked increase in efficiency since real-time data can be streamed direct from drones.

Drones reduce the labour and time involved in producing accurate surveys

Weather can complicate a demanding schedule, make workers vulnerable, and damage completed jobs. Thunderstorms, and cyclones can demolish a project. And when the weather improves, teams have to move in to clean up the damage.

Drones have already changed the construction industry — and those changes will have lasting effects

Because of drones’ superior speed, endurance and intelligence, they are replacing traditional land-surveillance methods by eliminating human error. They capture data more quickly, to the point where people now talk about a drone’s-eye view rather than a bird’s-eye view. Drones’ ability to manage workflow 24/7 is unprecedented and is having considerable consequences for many construction processes. For example, companies able to cut the time it takes to build a skyscraper will be able to lodge lower tenders.

Drones can be used for employees’ safety and security or to protect a job site from theft and vandalism

Air Inspect Australia does all of these things. We are based in South-East Queensland and are fully licensed drone specialists backed by extensive aviation experience and specialist industry knowledge. Air Inspect Australia captures high quality imagery or videos of commercial, industrial, government or residential infrastructure for asset inspection, video services and aerial photography services in all fields. Call us today and tell us what we can do to help you.