Drone Photography

Are you on the hunt for a drone photography business to help with high definition images of infrastructure? Or maybe you need drone photography for your next major marketing push?

Whatever the case may be, Air Inspect Australia can assist.

We provide cutting-edge drone technology, coupled with experienced pilots and expert photographers to deliver beautiful, technically-correct, high-definition, 360-degree panoramic photos and film. We can even provide an expert team of post-shoot editors if required. 

Perhaps best of all, our process ensures minimal business disruption, and is faster and safer than traditional manned inspections.

Drone Photography Applications

  • Construction and Property: Use our drones for stunning drone photos of your property and final construction or use accurate images and video to map progress.
  • Perspective and Level Views: Drones are perfect for taking perspective and level view film, which is essential for planning construction and mapping out photography.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Drone film could be precisely what your business needs for your next campaign. Go to the skies and watch your profits do the same.
  • TV and Film Production: Drone photography and video is a cost-effective way to capture every element of your production. You don’t have to hire a plane anymore to truly tell the story in three dimensions.
  • Sports and Events: Give your viewers the ultimate view. Our talented pilots can manoeuvre the drone to capture the perfect film of exactly what is happening.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Make roads run safer and smoother by using drone footage to locate bottlenecks, potential danger zones and opportunities for improvement.
  • Aerial Surveillance: Get an edge on security and monitoring. Use our drones to periodically monitor your property or find possible weak points.

Why Use Air Inspect Australia for Drone Photography?

  • Expert Pilots: We provide you with the best drone operators available—not only are they professional photographers, they also have extensive aviation industry experience. The result? Stunningly beautiful, technically correct drone pictures.
  • Exceptional Service: You’re more than just a client to us—you’re our partner. We understand that you have entrusted us with capturing the perfect image, or piece of film, for your project. We pride ourselves on delivering reliability, safety, quality, and exceptional customer service.
  • Superior Quality: From the we take-off, right through to delivery of your drone images, we are focused to delivering a superior quality service and finished product. That’s we invest in only the best pilots, and most cutting-edge equipment.
  • Outstanding Safety: We are CASA licensed and certified, follow strict safety protocols at all times and boast a zero-incident safety record. Plus, we hold all necessary insurances, for that extra peace of mind.

Custom Solutions

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Air Inspect Australia are able to design a custom drone solutions to suit your needs, including meeting any specific project requirements.

peace of mind

Air Inspect Australia is serious about safety and compliance

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