Drones for Security & Surveillance, Brisbane

Due to advances in technology, drones are being used increasingly in many different services — from news photography and real estate to wind energy and security — and are helping law enforcement agencies and first responders to improve response times, reduce costs, and save lives. They are of particular benefit to search and rescue, fire fighting, tracking escaping suspects and finding missing persons and stolen property.

Drones can be used to map crime scenes and reconstruct accidents

Aerial photographs of crashes taken by drones not only save hours reconstructing the crime and accident scenes, but do a more detailed job, which means that roads can be reopened more quickly, traffic flow disrupted less, and the emergency services can devote their time to other important tasks.

Search and Rescue

Since drones can enter dangerous, remote and almost inaccessible places, temporary communication networks can be established rapidly and response times accelerated. Drones can be used as back up for bomb squads, and as support for search and rescue missions, as well as in response to natural disasters.

Drones can track the progress of bushfires and industrial incidents, as well as monitoring firefighting teams to ensure they are not cut off

In the case of a bushfire, a drone can map the affected region and warn where the fire could spread. Similar alerts can be given during and after floods, earthquakes and other natural disaster. Drones can also be used to drop supplies, medicine and information.

Traffic monitoring, crowd control and event security

Real-time data from drones can be reviewed from a mobile or stationary command centre and used to appraise circumstances and direct appropriate action. In an active shooter, hostage or counter terrorism situation, a drone can provide ongoing observation and search dead ground as well as track suspects.

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