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Roof Inspections

Traditional manual roof inspections require people to climb onto roofs and take images by using scissor lifts, cherry pickers, scaffolding, harnesses or high ladders. This can be time consuming, labour intensive, costly and potentially dangerous as the work involves the use of elevated work platforms and significant planning.
Air Inspect Australia can conduct the roof inspection by providing high quality roof inspections with a collection of accurate visual data provided within 24 hours. Our drone pilots use drones fitted with a 4K-HD camera to conduct roof inspections capturing evidence of defects or damages in parapets, gutters, roofing materials, skylights and high-rise windows.
Our drones can also be fitted with a thermal imaging camera. Thermal cameras (technically known as a thermographic camera) are essentially a heat sensor that is capable of detecting tiny differences in surface temperature. The device collects the infrared radiation from objects in the scene and creates an electronic image based on information about the temperature differences. These faults can’t be easily detected by the naked eye.
Our drone pilots are fully insured, licensed and experienced to save you time, cut costs, produce better imagery and deliver efficiencies.

High Resolution Roof Images

New Construction Handovers

The handover inspection is very important as any minor defects or omissions should be documented in handover inspection reports. 

The builder and all relevant contractors are required to make sure any defects or omissions which have been discovered are amended prior to handover.

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Benefits of using drones for roof inspections

We discuss with the General Manager of Jim’s Building Inspections to understand service limitations and restrictions and the benefits of using drones such as the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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