In March, Jim’s Building Inspection announced its launch of new exciting capabilities and its extensions to the building inspection industry – an end-to-end process for asset inspections powered by Air Inspect Australia.

It’s no secret that a building inspection has the potential to save you from costly repairs and structural amendments. The roof of your home is the only thing that stands between you and your family and the harsh weather conditions. You want to keep your family safe and secure and free from the damage and loss of the home and contents if the roof fails. A Jim’s Building Inspection report will review the property inside and out, however it is limited by height and cannot report in excess of 3.6 m.

Jim’s Building Inspections now has the capabilities to offer full, detailed roof inspections and reports.  This gives their clients insight into the external structure of the roof and make better informed decisions on their property.

As a national leader in building inspections, Jim’s Building Inspections provides an alternative to current roof inspections and better data capturing processes which tightens up timelines, cost effective to gather, strengthens confidence in decisions whilst reinforcing high standards of safety and minimal injury risks to humans. 

The collaboration with Air Inspect Australia, introduces a way to stay ahead of the game.  Eliminating the use of labour-intensive roof inspections, Air Inspect Australia has a team of skilled drone pilots that capture HD imagery, thermal imagery and 4k videos of infrastructure and facilities. Using the up-to-date drone technology, drone pilots are able to capture data from difficult to access viewpoints without the risk to human safety.

The data captured is digitised into Trendspek producing a true to life 3D model of the property roof. Trendspek is a powerful visualisation platform for infrastructure and built projects that transform drone data into true digital replicas. Jim’s Building Inspectors will be equipped with tools to provide more extensive and comprehensive reports.

Whilst, Air Inspect Australia has the capabilities of using drone technology to offer data analytics, solutions and strategic guidance it is not really just a drone business, or a software business or a tech business – above all, like Jim’s Building Inspections, it is a people business. 

Jim’s Building Inspections powered by Air Inspect Australia will enhance client experiences, exceed reporting expectations and also saving customers time and improve the customer experience across every stage of their journey.