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Solar Farm Inspections

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and Solar farms will need regular checks and maintenance to ensure the solar cells are operating smoothly.  The traditional manual method is by employing field engineers to conduct inspections using hand held thermal cameras. This is time consuming and a misuse of quality resources; putting employees in possibly hazardous and arduous environments and can lead to missed incidents or faults due to human error.
Air Inspect Australia use drones fitted with both thermal and RGB cameras to yield faster and more accurate data capture and significantly decrease the risk to human safety.  There is no need to expose or remove equipment or plant shut-down; our highly trained staff can properly perform the aerial field inspection to detect abnormal heat signatures and ensure all aviation laws, environmental health and safety requirements are met.

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Air Inspect Australia provides Solar Farm Inspections across Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Sydney, Greater Sydney Region, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart