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Site Survey and Mapping

Surveyors are required to evaluate large plots of land and provide their clients with detailed mapping and measurements.  With the assistance of Air Inspect Australia, drone surveying will take the job to the next level.  Our drones equipped with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and GPS units, surveyors can produce extremely accurate maps for their clients, the data captured produces 3D models in full colour, high resolution for every point on that model and giving clear visual context.
You can obtain a highly accurate and precise measurements on pieces of land in order to determine boundaries. Having an aerial view or 3D model of the land it is essential to make informed plans about where to dig, what to fill or where to start building.
Many surveyors have switched from traditional base and rover surveying to drone aerial mapping and surveying. Employ Air Inspect Australia for mapping, surveys or areas of broad coverage to switch from traditional base and rover surveying to drone aerial mapping and surveying to produce measurements with high horizontal and vertical accuracy.

Aerial LiDAR Data Acquisition using Zenmuse L1 of Dense Area

The dense area is approximately 50 acres in area, captured using DJI M300 with Zenmuse L1. From this we are able to create a point cloud and in turn make available a tin file of the ground contours.

Digital Twin of Civil Works Site

3D model of civil works site being viewed using TrendSpek.

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