Water ingress is when water infiltrates a property. Some refer this as penetrating damp as it is water from outside making its way into your home and can occur in a number of different ways and for different reasons, such as missing or broken roof tiles or slates, blocked gutters, faulty flashings are just some of the common causes.

The most common cause of water penetration is a building defect or fault. Over time building materials deteriorate, below standard workmanship and a whole other range of causes water to penetrate through the walls to make its way into the property.


  • Missing or broken tiles or slates, faulty flashing around chimneys. Ideally, you will need a professional to carry out a thorough roof inspection to identity damages, defects or issues.
  • Blocked or faulty gutters
  • Walls that have cracked rendering or deteriorating mortar, a bridged cavity wall or bridged or missing damp proof course, blocked air-bricks, damaged or broken pipework or even faulty internal plumbing
  • Faulty flashing around window frames; throats to sills
  • Failed or bridged damp proof course or none present that can cause water ingress
  • Living in flood prone areas
  • Faulty plumbing, the leaks within your house can lead to water ingress.


How do you know if you have water infiltration? You can do your own inspection to identify spot some of the warning signs:

  • Damp patches on walls
  • Mould growth on walls
  • Peeling paintwork
  • Damp and musty smell
  • Damp plasterwork
  • Increased heat loss
  • Wet rot

Don’t go climbing fences and ladders to check your roof for the source of water penetration. Contact Air Inspect Australia to conduct a roof condition report. Our professional drone operators will use the latest technology eliminating the use of manned equipment and labour intensive roof inspections.

We encourage our clients to follow up on our report with a Jim’s Hazmat Material Removalist to conduct further assessments and provide remedial work.